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A Look At Retail Space in Ballito

A Look At Retail Space in Ballito

In the ’90s Ballito was still a sugar cane farm with a single dirt road rolling its way down to ‘Surfer’s Lane’. However, that was then – today it is thriving with an exceptional property market and the lifestyle to go with it. Retail stores such as the Ballito Bay Mall and the Lifestyle Center now attract groups from the surrounding cities; Durban, Umhlanga, Pietermaritzburg, and the Tongaat areas. These are the designs you have to look out for when you take a look at the retail space in Ballito. Straight Design

A retail space that uses walls to display merchandise has the straight design. This design allows customers to walk on one path while browsing through merchandise. Curved Design

In the curved design, the corners of the walls and ceilings are curved. A retail space with this design is generally more expensive to purchase than a straight design however the floor space is then limited, and so your rental are reduced. Varied Design

In the varied design, a retail space has displayed merchandise and a storage area where extra merchandise are kept. The storage area may be shelves or a hidden room. The warehouse store is an example of a retail space that has the varied design. Geometric Design

A retail space that has high and low ceilings has the geometric design. Racks of various heights may also be seen in the retail space. Diagonal Design

In the diagonal design, the cashier is placed in the middle of a retail space. This design has merchandise that obstruct and obstruct pathways. Pathway Design

In the pathway design, customers have to walk on paths that are unobstructed by merchandise. The department store is an example of a retail space with the pathway design.

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Make sure that the retail space you’ll purchase doesn’t require extensive maintenance. You can do this after you take a look at the retail space in Ballito.

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